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Willow DK Semisolid Pairs

from 27.00

Want to try our NEW super soft Willow DK base?

10% off retail price with more yardage! Skeins are marked as 100g (approx 250 yards) but are actually 113g (approx 285 yards)! These are from our first batch of DK before we began winding our own custom skeins, so they do not match our other inventory and we need them gone! These are first quality!

Color Options:

  1. Juniper Berry and Cactus Fruit

  2. Puffin Blue and Orchid Green

  3. Bunting Blue and Burnet Pink

  4. Mantis Green and Warbler Yellow

  5. Caterpillar Orange and Warbler Yellow

  6. Bee Eater Blue and Warbler Yellow

  7. Juniper Berry and Jewel Weed Stem

  8. Puffin Blue and Jay Blue

  9. Chrysalis Green and Jewel Weed Stem

  10. Poppy Orange and Kestrel Red

  11. Kestrel Red and Succulent Green

  12. Pulpit Berry Red (single skein)

Color Option:
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