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This Month's Special: Brioche Diamonds Hat or Shawl

from 22.00

Have you been eyeing our Diamonds Shawl and Hat? Get the kit at 50% off! We’ll choose the colors based on your preferences. Skeins may include discontinued colors, club colors, experimental colors and seconds. We will assume you want two semisolids unless you choose the colorway varients (pooling/striping or botany or aquatic). If you do choose one of those varients your kit will have one colorway and one semisolid (or 2 of each in the shawl). Diamonds hat uses two 50g skeins of Spruce Fingering, and the shawl uses four 100g skeins of Spruce Fingering. For more info on these patterns go to our pattern listing at

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brioche collage.jpg