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Come Together Fade


The “Come Together Fade Shawl” is a sister shawl to my “Make My Heart Sing” one. It is similar in all respects except for the way the fade is done. In this one, 2 separate fade yarn kits are combined by having them “come together” in the middle of the shawl at their lightest shade and then both fades get progressively darker at either end. It is a long triangular shawl that is knit from side-to-side and accentuates the striping with center decreases. It is knit with fingering weight yarn in 2 separate fade kits that coordinate/complement each other, each comprised of a 3-pack skein fade set from Round Mountain Fibers of 200 yards each skein (a total of 6 skeins and around 1200 yards). The stitches are simple, with lots of garter stitch, broken up with panels of elongated stitches and stockinette to showcase the changing hues. Since this shawl is already well over 8 feet in length and 33 inches at its center, deepest point, it really doesn’t lend itself to using a heavier weight yarn. Full written instructions, and row counts, are included in the pattern.

Sample on stone knit in Barn Owl Fade and Robin’s Nest Fade, sample shown on model is knit in Hubbard’s caterpillar Fade and Luna Moth Fade.

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come together fade 2.JPG
come together fade.JPG