March 2019 Newsletter!

Spring is right around the corner, I keep telling myself! This month’s colorways are inspired by some of our local flora and fauna that herald spring’s arrival! For the Ornithology collection, we chose the Black Capped Chickadee whose spring song always puts a smile on my face. For the Entomology Collection we chose the Honey Bee, beloved collector of nectar and pollen.  For the Botany Collection, we chose the Fairy Spud! Not only do these beautiful little plants delight us with their tiny leaves and flowers, but they also offer a little edible tuber, fit for the tiniest of fairies! And finally, for the Aquatic Collection, we’re featuring the Blue Spotted Salamander, often found in nature on a pillow of (coordinating pooling semisolid) Moss.

I know it can be hard to hunt down exactly what you’re looking for, with different shops offering different selections. So here’s a list of where you can find this month’s club! Since some club options are not currently being offered by any of our LYSs, we are offering a limited quantity (10) of each of these otherwise unavailable options for sale through our website. You must place your order prior to the 15th of March. Orders will ship out shortly thereafter. Here’s a complete list of all the Club options we offer, and where you can buy them!

Please note: club offerings are NOT to be used in combination with our current coupon code.


chickadee pic.jpg

Colorway: Black Capped Chickadee
Semisolid: Chickadee Blush
Fade: Black Capped Chickadee Fade Collection

March Ornithology Club Store Chart.JPG


honeybee pic.jpg

Colorway: Honey Bee
Semisolid: Pollen
Fade: Honey Bee Fade Collection

March Entomology Club Store Chart.JPG


fairy spud pic.jpg

Colorway: Fairy Spud
Semisolid: Fairy Spud Blossom
Fade: Fairy Spud Fade Collection

March Botany Club Store Chart.JPG


salamander pic.jpg

Colorway: Blue Spotted Salamander
Semisolid: Moss
Fade: Blue Spotted Salamander Fade Collection

March Aquatic Colorway Club Store Chart.JPG
March Aquatic Semisolid Store Club Chart.JPG

Here are a few pattern suggestions for this month’s club!

For Fingering Colorway and Coordinating Semisolid, a free-for-now shawl pattern:

Photo by Katie M. Marsh

Photo by Katie M. Marsh

For a Fingering Fade and Coordinating Semisolid:

Photo by Briony Singleton Designs

Photo by Briony Singleton Designs

For DK Colorway and Coordinating Semisolid this very pretty shawl:

Photo by Ambah O’Brien

Photo by Ambah O’Brien

For DK Fade Collections and their coordinating semisolid, a free Pullover sweater pattern:


For Worsted Colorway and Coordinating Semisolid How about a pair of these hats:

Photo by Knox Mountain Knit Co.

Photo by Knox Mountain Knit Co.

For a Worsted Fade, how about this generous scarf:

Photo by Jill Draper

Photo by Jill Draper