July 2018 Newsletter!

Hi Y’all!

We have so much to share with you! Scroll down to see all our new products!

  • New Colorways! Including our new CLUB colors for July!

  • New Miniskein Bundles!

  • New Pattern Kits!

  • New super soft DK Base!

Also we’ve added new social media accounts for Drunk Yarn! So please follow Drunk Yarn on Instagram (@drunk_yarn) and Facebook. And if you’re not familiar with Drunk Yarn, visit our website at www.drunkyarn.com where you can purchase our Drunk Yarn home dyeing kits! You’ll love them. They come in colors inspired by alcoholic beverages, tea, and coffee!

New Colorways:

You may recognize a few of these from Club posts, as all of our new colorways and coordinating semisolids were chosen from our favorite past Club colors!

Here are July's Club Colors!

Left to right:
For the Ornithology Collection: 'Black Bellied Starling' and 'Starling Blue'.
For the Entomology Collection: 'Tigerwing Chrysalis" and "Chrysalis Gold'.
For the Botany Collection: 'Viola' and 'Viola Purple'.


For a list of shops that carry our yarns, including those who sell online, and those who carry CLUB, visit our Where to Buy page HERE.

If you live outside the US you can purchase any of these colors direct from us through our international outlet store at www.roundmountainfibers.biz

Wish your Local Yarn Shop carried our yarn? Be our embassador! Tell them about our yarn, and if they sign up as one of our wholesale customers, we’ll send you free yarn as a thank you! Just write us and tell us who they are so we can follow up and encourage them to sign up!

New Miniskein Bundles:

We now offer a total of 205 different miniskein bundles!

Fade Collections:

We were so in love with our Club fade collections, we decided to offer a fade in every single colorway we have, across collections! These are perfect for Find-Your-Fade type projects, and are also a great way to spice up easy, beginner knits. Currently available in miniskein fingering and worsted. Available in 100g collections through Club. You can now subscribe to club through one of our LYSs, click HERE to sign up for club!

Coordinating Bundles:

We now offer a coordinating bundle (one colorway with two coordinating semisolids) in both our Entomology and Ornithology collections. These bundles are perfect for anyone who likes stripes, or wants to play with color but is afraid to put together his/her own combinations. Jennifer Kirchenbauer designed her ‘Swizzle Shawl’ specifically for these miniskein bundles. You can purchase the pattern HERE. Or, if you are an international customer, you can purchase the kits at www.roundmountainfibers.biz

Entomology Swizzle Collage.jpg

We also offer a coordinating bundle in our Botany Collection. These bundles have one colorway and three coordinating semisolids. Jennifer Kirchenbauer’s ‘Oriflamme Shawl’ was designed specifically for these bundles! We are also offering the Oriflamme kit in Ornithology and Entomology collections. You can purchase this pattern HERE.

International shoppers, shop all our Oriflamme kits HERE.

oriflamme ppc collage.jpg

We now offer 4-skein coordinating bundles featuring two colorways and two coordinating semisolids across all three collections. Shop Ornithology ‘Birds of a Feather’, Entomology ‘Insect Collections’ and Botany ‘A Walk in the Woods’ available as both miniskien bundles and as kits for Jennifer Kirchenbauer’s ‘Divisionism Shawl’. Of course you can shop the pattern directly HERE.

entomology divisionism collage.jpg

As always, we offer the Grays with Pop Color collections, in every single color we offer, both coordinating and semisolid, including all of our new colors! These bundles are perfect for Jennifer Kirchenbauer’s ‘Lava Wrap’! Or, to spice up a basic shawl or scarf design. Purchase the pattern HERE.

lava wrap collage.jpg

Have a lust for sophisticated Color? We are now offering Botany Collections 1 and 2 in both Colorways and Semisolids for those customers who just can’t get enough of these warm, complex colorways and semisolids. International customers can shop these HERE.

Pattern Kits:

We are so excited to be working with Raina Kruus, an incredibly talented Brioche designer from Estonia! Her garments shone at the TNNA 2018 Fashion Show, and we are looking forward to many more gorgeous garments from her. You can purchase kits for the Diamonds Shawl and Hat from your local LYS! 

International shoppers, shop these kits HERE.

New DK Base:

We are totally in love with our new DK base. It is 100% Superwash Merino, sourced from a Canadian mill. Currently available in our 42 semisolids through our LYSs, you can also purchase our limited edition bundles HERE.

So that’s what’s new! And of cousre, we’re always adding new inventory to our seconds and one-of-a-kind colors at our retail shop at www.roundmountainfibers.com. And, for reading this entire newsletter, here’s a coupon code! Use coupon code ‘IREADIT’ to get 25% off your order. Coupon code is good through the 30th of this month.