April 2018 Newsletter!

Hi Round Mountain Fibers Fans!

First, coupon codes! 

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We have four 100g Fingering bundles left in the limited edition Night Sky Fade collection! This is the last of this limited edition colorway, so click below to get it! 

night sky fade collection.JPG

Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook we post free pattern suggestions on Facebook almost daily, and encourage you to read the pinned post at the top of our page that tells you how you can search for patterns by yarn weight. 

Without further ado, here are the club colors for April and May!

April 2018 Ornithology Club:

hermit thrush collageee.jpg

Hermit Thrush and Thrush Taupe

The Hermit Thrush frequents most of Northern and Central America. These little ground foragers can be found scraping around in the foliage for berries, seeds, and insects. 

April 2018 Entomology Club:

rosy maple moth collage.jpg

Rosy Maple Moth and Maple Moth Pink

The Rosy Maple Moth is a small North American moth belonging to the family of moths called 'The Great Silk Moths'. They get their name from the fact that they usually live and breed on various species of Maple trees. 

April 2018 Botany Club:

snow drops collage.jpg

Snowdrops and Snowdrop Green

Snowdrops also known as Galanthus are a small genus of about 20 species of bulbous plants. They are characterised by two leaves and a single bell like flower with six petals. The three outside petals are large and white, while the three inner petals are smaller and usually have green markings. 

Here is a sneak peek of May's Club! Sign up for club now through your local LYS or through our international website to make sure you receive May's exclusive colors!  

May 2018 Ornithology Club:

loon collage.jpg

Loon and Loon Maroon

Loons nicknamed 'Divers' in the UK are an acquatic bird found in most of North America and Northern Eurasia. Just like ducks they have webbing between their toes to help them swim and dive better. 

May 2018 Entomology Club:

sweat bee collage.jpg

Sweat Bee and Bee Blue

Halictidae commonly referred to as 'Sweat Bees' are the second largest family of bees. They are usually metallic in appearance and are often attracted to perspiration but rarely sting! 

May 2018 Botany Club:

red osier collage.jpg

Red Osier and Osier Red

Red Osier is native throughout Northern and Western North America. It is also commonly called, Red Willow, American Dogwood, Redstem Dogwood, and many other names. The twigs and branches of this flowering plant are a brilliant red.