December 2018 Newsletter!


Boy are we busy, so December’s newsletter is short! Here’s what we’ve got for you:

  • December’s Club Colors

  • Free Pattern Recommendations (perfect for club or your stashed Round Mountain Fibers fingering colorways, coordinating semisolids and fade collections).

  • Coupon Code

December’s Club Colors:

Last month’s colors were inspired by the flora and fauna of Ecuador. This month we went to the next country I grew up in: Costa Rica! We hope you are enjoying traveling the world with us!


Colorway: Green Honeycreeper
Semisolid: Honeycreeper Blue
Fade: Green Honeycreeper Fade Collection

The Green Honeycreeper belongs to a family of birds called Tanagers.


Colorway: Passion Flower
Semisolid: Passion Flower Purple
Fade: Passion flower Fade Collection

The beautiful Passionflower ripens into the delicious fruit known as Passionfruit!


Colorway: Red Bordered Stink Bug
Semisolid: Stink Bug Legs
Fade: Red Bordered Stink Bug Fade Collection

There are over 7000 species of Stink Bugs also commonly known as Shield Bugs!

FREE Patterns:

Here are a few free patterns perfect for pairing our Colorways with Coordinating semisolids. Don’t be afraid to use a colorway and coordinating semisolid in the Chasing Blizzard! Use the colorway for the lace sections.

These patterns are perfect for our Botany Fade Collections! For the Kindness is Everything shawl, use the fade in reverse, starting with the colorway, and continuing with Fade 2 and 1, then use a 100g skein of the colorway for the lace portion!

Coupon Code:

Use coupon code ‘SQUISHY4ME’ for 25% off Mystery Bundles in our seconds shop! Coupon code is valid through 12/18/18. Click the button below to shop now! Mystery bundles come in 50g and 100g skeins, Spruce Fingering or Worsted weight, in Colorways, Semisolids, or a mix of both!