August 2017 Newsletter!

Oh my goodness this newsletter is LATE!
Good thing you guys are all so wonderful and understanding ;)

So what’s new for August? Our August club colorways and coordinating semisolids, of course!

August’s club colorways and semisolids were all based on living things I saw in my own backyard this month!

The ‘Helleborine Orchid’ and coordinating ‘Orchid Green’ from the Botany Club are inspired by the delicate native orchid I found growing in the middle of my vegetable garden, where it’s been popping up every year. I love it’s muted elegance.



The ‘Merganser’ and ‘Merganser Brown’ from the Ornithology Club are inspired by a slim-beaked duck that lives in the rivers and streams of my neck of the woods. I was pleased as punch to see a family of them feeding at the edge of the Meadows (my favorite spot in the world) as I went paddling by in my kayak.

The ‘Cecropia Moth’ and ‘Cecropia Pink’ from the Entomology Club are inspired by the beautiful moth of that name. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see a photo of one that stopped by to visit me one evening as I enjoyed some live music at our local pub and brewery.

Though the days have been scorchers, the evenings have started to get crisp here in Southern Vermont. This month’s colors are perfect for Fall. They’re also ideal for those awesome Fade projects that are so popular right now! This month’s club colors are all based in a similar palette. Use them all together, for a gorgeous Find your Fade shawl.

fade august club.JPG


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Have a wonderful day, and we’ll be checking in again soon, with our September newsletter!

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