November 2017 Newsletter!

It’s November, which has been cold, flu and general ickiness season for us here at Round Mountain Fibers. So, without further ado, I give you November’s Club colors which have all shipped out to participating LYSs! Check here to see if your local yarn shop carries our club colors! And if they dont, click here, Scratch Makerspace offers a monthly yarn subscription with our club colors through their website! 

November’s club draws its inspiration from a warmer climate: National Park Gorongosa, in Mozambique. When the weather gets cold, and the hard frosts come, and everything is just a little bit too cold and windy for my taste, I like to snuggle up with Bunny and watch documentaries about warmer climates. I found a delightful series on youtube complete with a compelling soundtrack, intimate portraits of beautiful creatures, and the droning voice of the narrator that painted a picture of incredible hope and rebirth in a country ravaged by civil war. If this sort of thing appeals to you, you might want to check out the trailer  And to learn more about this incredible national park, go to

November’s Ornithology Club:

Colorway and Fade Collection: ‘Violet Backed Starling’

Semisolid: ‘Starling Pink’

violet backed starling.jpg

November’s Botany Club:

Colorway and Fade Collection: ‘Black Tacca’

Semisolid: ‘Tacca Blue’

black tacca.jpg

November’s Entomology Club:

Colorway and Fade Collection: ‘Bush Grasshopper’

Semisolid ‘Grasshopper Purple’

bush grasshopper.JPG

Our Trunk Show has begun it’s journey around the country! It made it’s debut with Wildfibers at Seattle Vogue Knitting Live, and is now en route to The Knitting Post, in Santa Clara Utah. Click here to see where the Trunk Show is heading next!

Well, it is time for us to curl up with some throat coat tea, and weather this nasty cold.

Meanwhile, we are pretty well stocked, and encourage you to place an order for the holidays! Check out our retail shop for mystery bundles, roving, art batts, and more!