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Botany Club

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This listing is a temporary listing for those Club options that our LYSs currently don’t carry. Please see the chart in the images, for where to buy our various Ornithology Club offerings. This listing is for 10 of each option. If you don’t see your option available, it has sold out.

March 2019 Botany Club Colors:

Colorway- Fairy Spud
Semisolid- Fairy Spud Blossom
Fade- Fairy Spud Fade Collection

Our Bases -

100% Superwash Merino
Grown and Spun in the US.
High twist for increased durability and stitch definition. 3 ply Fingering and 4 Ply Worsted.
Fingering available in 50g and 100g skeins (200 and 400 yards respectively)
Worsted available in 100g skeins (approximately 175 yards)

100% Superwash Merino
Sourced from Canada.
Super squishy glossy base that has both drape and stitch definition. 4 Ply DK and Worsted.
DK available in 100g skeins (approximately 250 yards)
Worsted available in 100g skeins (approximately 185 yards)

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Fairy Spud 50g.JPG
Fairy Spud Blossom 50g.JPG
Fairy Spud Fade 50g.JPG
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