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100g Willow DK Club Extras


100% Superwash Merino
Sourced from Canada.
Super squishy glossy base that has both drape and stitch definition. 4 Ply DK.
100g DK skeins have approximately 250 yards each.

  1. Trillium Red

  2. Sphinx Moth Green

  3. Pandora Sphinx Moth

  4. Pumpkinseed Orange

  5. Trout Fade Skein #1

  6. Trout Fade Skein #2

  7. Great Blue Heron Fade Skein #1

  8. Great Blue Heron

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dk club semisolids (1).jpg
pandora sphinx moth dk (1).jpg
pumpkinseed orange dk (1).jpg
trout 1 dk (1).jpg
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great blue heron dk (1).jpg