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100g Spruce Worsted Club Extras

from 30.00

100% Superwash Merino
Grown and Spun in the US.
High twist for increased durability and stitch definition. 4 Ply Worsted.
Spruce Worsted 100g skeins have approximately 175 yards each.

  1. Black Capped Chickadee Fade Collection (3 Skeins)

  2. Chickadee Blush

  3. Honey Bee Fade Collection (3 Skeins)

  4. Pollen

  5. Fairy Spud Fade Collection (3 Skeins)

  6. Fairy Spud Blossom

  7. Blue Spotted Salamander Fade Collection (3 Skeins)

  8. Moss

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Chickadee Fade W (1).jpg
Chickadee Blush W (1).jpg
Honey Bee Fade W (1).jpg
Pollen W (1).jpg
Fairy Spud Fade W (1).jpg
Fairy Spud Blossom W (1).jpg
Salamander Fade W (1).jpg
Moss W (1).jpg