Semi-Solid Silk Hankies

Our hand-dyed silk hankies come in a variety of colorways and semisolids. Our colorways are inspired by bird plumage, and our semisolids are based on and coordinate with our colorways. Each bundle of hankies is hand-dyed in small batches in my studio. Purchase several bundles at a time and alternate bundles when spinning for more consistent results. 

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Silk hankies are the result of taking an individual Muberry Silk cocoon and stretching its fibers over a square frame. Each silk hankie is paper thin, and a little goes a long way. Hankies are used in spinning, either on their own for a luxurious 100% silk yarn, or in combination with other fiber for a one-of-a-kind two ply yarn. They are also used in felting, specifically nunofelting. 

Silk Hankies: 100% mulberry silk. 25g bundles. MSRP - $18

Finch Brown

Our 'Finch Brown' is a warm color, and reminds me of a pair of well-loved corduroys. It is warm in tone, and is a great complement to the Colorway it is derived from: The 'Black Rosy-Finch'. It is a neutral color, which, like our 'Heron Teal' makes a great complement to many colorways and other bolder semisolids, by taking the back seat and being a base for the other colors to pop from.

Finch Blush

This semisolid is derived from the 'Purple Finch' and 'Black Eyed Junco' colorways. In addition to being a great companion to those colorways, it stands alone as a semi-solid; Not pink, not peach, but somewhere in between. 

Heron Purple

This may be my favorite semi-solid... A deep, brooding purple, bordering on black or gray, it is derived from the 'Green Heron' colorway. It combines beautifully with many of our semi-solids, especially those with a dark undertone. 

Medium Gray

A simple name for a complex semi-solid that borders on charcoal. It is a few shades lighter than our 'Dark Gray' and lends itself as a fantastic companion to our lighter colorways. Anything you put next to it pops. 

Jay Blue

A brilliant blue with purple undertones, this semisolid is derived from the 'Blue Jay' colorway, and makes its appearance in several other colorways: 'California Quail' and 'Indigo Bunting' to name a few. It is one of our brightest semi-solids and super-saturated with color.

Jay Green

Our 'Jay Green' has a kick! It's brighter and greener than your average green olive. Derived from our 'Green Jay' colorway, it varies in intensity from batch to batch. All hand-dye processes are subject to variability. The yellow pigment is particularly fickle, as is the black that can vary from a blueish tone to a warmer brown tone depending on a hundred different variables. So make sure you buy as much 'Olive' as you need on a given day. It's brilliance and moodiness and complexity make up for its fickle personality, and is by far one of my favorite semisolids. If you want a project that pops, this is the color for you. 

Rosy-Finch Purple

This semi-solid is derived from the 'Black Rosy-Finch' colorway, and is also a dominant color in the 'Wood Duck' and 'Little Green Heron' colorways. Like most of our colors, it is both bright and moody, giving it a level of sophistication not normally associated with the humble berry it is named after. It goes beautifully with many of our other semi-solids, especially those with warm, dark undertones.

Sapsucker Red

A true red, with purple undertones, 'Sapsucker Red' is bright, bold and unapologetic! Although it does not appear in any of our current colorways, it is the foundation color for many of our semi-solids and colorways, most notably the rust reds in 'Kestrel.' Similar in saturation to our 'Jay Blue', it makes a bold statement in any garment. 

Kestrel Red

This semisolid is dark and earthy. Beautiful on its own, it also looks fantastic paired with the colorway from which it was derived: 'Kestrel'. It also looks great with a variety of our other earthier semisolids, giving your garment a grounded, solid look. All of our semisolids and colorways are unisex, both on principal and in their design. Rust red is a fantastic color for the earthy types in your life, male or female. 

Wood Duck Teal

Our 'Wood Duck Teal' looks great on its own, or paired with a complementary semisolid (think warm, reddish tones). It is derived from the 'Wood Duck' colorway, and is present in many other color ways including 'Wood Duck' and 'Indigo Bunting'.

Heron Teal

This semisolid is subtle, dark and elegant. Derived from the 'Green Heron' colorway, it goes beautifully with many of our semisolids, especially the earthier tones.