Prefelt Colorways

Our hand-dyed 100% Merino Prefelt comes in a variety of colorways and semisolids. Our colorways are inspired by bird plumage, and our semisolids are based on and coordinate with our colorways. Each bundle of prefelt is hand-dyed in small batches in my studio. No two sheets or bundles are the same. 

New colorways are added every month! So check back often, subscribe to our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook!

Our prefelt is available in A2 sheets for smaller work or sewn or otherwise three-dimensional work, and a 1/2 metre sheet for larger projects. A2 Sheets measure 420mm x 594mm, and are available in two thicknesses:

- A package of five sheets of 150g A2 sheets (2-3mm in thickness) - MSRP - $34
- A package of two 400g A2 sheets (6-8mm thick) - MSRP - $30
- One meter by half-meter sheet (2-3 mm thick) - MSRP - $36 (new item... not pictured).

Atlantic Puffin

Black Rosy Finch

Blue Jay

California Quail

Indigo Bunting


Little Green Heron

Purple Finch

Purple Gallinule 

Tufted Flycatcher

Wilson's Warbler

Wood Duck