November 2017 Newsletter!

It’s November, which has been cold, flu and general ickiness season for us here at Round Mountain Fibers. So, without further ado, I give you November’s Club colors which have all shipped out to participating LYSs! Check here to see if your local yarn shop carries our club colors! And if they dont, click here, Scratch Makerspace offers a monthly yarn subscription with our club colors through their website! 

November’s club draws its inspiration from a warmer climate: National Park Gorongosa, in Mozambique. When the weather gets cold, and the hard frosts come, and everything is just a little bit too cold and windy for my taste, I like to snuggle up with Bunny and watch documentaries about warmer climates. I found a delightful series on youtube complete with a compelling soundtrack, intimate portraits of beautiful creatures, and the droning voice of the narrator that painted a picture of incredible hope and rebirth in a country ravaged by civil war. If this sort of thing appeals to you, you might want to check out the trailer  And to learn more about this incredible national park, go to

November’s Ornithology Club:

Colorway and Fade Collection: ‘Violet Backed Starling’

Semisolid: ‘Starling Pink’

violet backed starling.jpg

November’s Botany Club:

Colorway and Fade Collection: ‘Black Tacca’

Semisolid: ‘Tacca Blue’

black tacca.jpg

November’s Entomology Club:

Colorway and Fade Collection: ‘Bush Grasshopper’

Semisolid ‘Grasshopper Purple’

bush grasshopper.JPG

Our Trunk Show has begun it’s journey around the country! It made it’s debut with Wildfibers at Seattle Vogue Knitting Live, and is now en route to The Knitting Post, in Santa Clara Utah. Click here to see where the Trunk Show is heading next!

Well, it is time for us to curl up with some throat coat tea, and weather this nasty cold.

Meanwhile, we are pretty well stocked, and encourage you to place an order for the holidays! Check out our retail shop for mystery bundles, roving, art batts, and more!

October 2017 Newsletter!

Oh my goodness, there is so much going on at Round Mountain Fibers!

Of course there is the usual excitement of another month of Club. This month’s colorways are:

Wish YOU could subscribe to club? Now you can! Our wonderful LYS, Scratch, is now offering Round Mountain Fibers club subscriptions online! Check them out and sign up for Club at:

We are also super excited to announce our First Ever Traveling Trunk Show! The trunk show will be making its debut at Vogue Knitting Live, thanks to our wonderful Washington LYS: Wildfibers! The trunk show will travel all over the US, spending two weekends at each shop. The show features 7 gorgeous fingering weight patterns from the very talented Jennifer Kirchenbauer of LavishCraft. We’ll be posting updates on Facebook, and will be posting a Trunk Show calendar on our website

trunk show 2.JPG

As you know, if you’ve been following us on Facebook, and/or contributed to our Kickstarter campaign, we are working on building a New Studio! The cement trucks are coming on Thursday morning, and we are so excited! This new, much-needed space will allow us to work more efficiently, as well as allow us to expand our offerings (more on that next month)!

With all this growth we needed some help. Drum roll please… We’d like you to join us in extending a warm welcome Sofia, Selena, and Selena’s adorable dog Bianca!



Finally, we’d like to invite you to purchase all the patterns from our Trunk Show here!

And as always, purchase Round Mountain Fibers seconds, club leftovers, and one-of-a-kind colorways at 50% off at Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @roundmountainfibers for additional weekly coupon codes!

September 2017 Newsletter!

Happy September!

Here are your CLUB colorways for the month:

For The Ornithology Club, we have the ‘Rufous Tailed Hummingbird’, and coordinating semisolid ‘Rufous Red’. For The Ornithology Club, we have the ‘Rufous Tailed Hummingbird’, and coordinating semisolid ‘Rufous Red’. The Rufous-Tailed hummingbird is a medium-sized hummingbird that breeds from East-Central Mexico, through Central America and Colombia, east to western Venezuela and south through western Ecuador to near the border with Peru. I am famiiar with this hummingbird, as I grew up in Central and South America! So this one is a childhood favorite.

rufuos hummingbird.JPG

For the Entomology Club we have the ‘Giant Leopard Moth’ and brilliant blue coordinating semisolid ‘Leopard Moth Blue’. The Giant Leopard Moth is dramatic: It is a pure white, covered with brilliant blue and turquoise spots ringed with black. The Giant Leopard Moth is similar to the Rufous Hummingbird in that it ranges far and wide: From Ontario, Canada, to the Southern and Eastern United States, through New England, and south from Mexico to Panama!

Blue leopard moth.JPG
leopard moth.jpg


For the Botany Club we have one of my favorite local wildflowers: ‘Hopniss’ and it’s coordinating semisolid ‘Hopniss Flower’. Known locally as the Ground Nut, the roots of the Hopniss vine bear round tubers like strings of pearls. These tubers are edible with some simple preparation (I like them boiled, peeled, then fried) and were a significant part of the Native summer/fall diet of this place we now call New England.

hopniss pic.jpg

Coupon Codes:

Love a deal? Tune in to Facebook at noon on September 4th, where I will go live, and give you a Birthday Edition coupon code for 38% off your next order from our seconds store! That’s 38% off our seconds, one-of-a-kinds and club leftovers, many of which are already marked 50% off! So make sure your facebook account is set to notify you when I go live!

August 2017 Newsletter!

Oh my goodness this newsletter is LATE!
Good thing you guys are all so wonderful and understanding ;)

So what’s new for August? Our August club colorways and coordinating semisolids, of course!

August’s club colorways and semisolids were all based on living things I saw in my own backyard this month!

The ‘Helleborine Orchid’ and coordinating ‘Orchid Green’ from the Botany Club are inspired by the delicate native orchid I found growing in the middle of my vegetable garden, where it’s been popping up every year. I love it’s muted elegance.



The ‘Merganser’ and ‘Merganser Brown’ from the Ornithology Club are inspired by a slim-beaked duck that lives in the rivers and streams of my neck of the woods. I was pleased as punch to see a family of them feeding at the edge of the Meadows (my favorite spot in the world) as I went paddling by in my kayak.

The ‘Cecropia Moth’ and ‘Cecropia Pink’ from the Entomology Club are inspired by the beautiful moth of that name. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see a photo of one that stopped by to visit me one evening as I enjoyed some live music at our local pub and brewery.

Though the days have been scorchers, the evenings have started to get crisp here in Southern Vermont. This month’s colors are perfect for Fall. They’re also ideal for those awesome Fade projects that are so popular right now! This month’s club colors are all based in a similar palette. Use them all together, for a gorgeous Find your Fade shawl.

fade august club.JPG


Wish you could subscribe to club? You CAN! Scratch Makerspace now offers Club subscriptions online!!! Visit to sign up!

Our latest Coupon Code is available by participating in our latest game of Coupon Code Tag! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s the link:


Have a wonderful day, and we’ll be checking in again soon, with our September newsletter!

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New for Summer 2017!

Welcome to our new Blog! We decided that a searchable blog made a heck-of-a-lot more sense than our old mailing list. We hope you enjoy it!

If you weren’t aware, we have:

  • Hashtags on our Facebook Page, making it easier to find pattern ideas. Please see the post pinned to the top of our Facebook Page for a list of searchable hashtags! Facebook: RoundMountainFibers

  • An Instagram account. If you only follow us on Facebook, consider following us on Instagram as well! Instagram: roundmountainfibers

New products, pages, kits, collections and patterns:

  • NEW across all of the collections: 50g Worsted mini-skeins! ALL of our colorways and semisolids are now available in both Fingering AND Worsted miniskeins! Kit them up with your favorite Worsted pattern, or visit our Facebook Page for some pattern ideas! 

  • NEW COLLECTIONS! Haven’t checked out all our new colorways and semisolids? Visit our website to browse the new and exciting Entomology and Botany collections! Each feature 6 brand new colorways and 8 coordinating semisolids.
  • The Entomology Collection is bright and flashy, perfect for those of you wanting to add a little excitement to your knitting life!
  • The Botany Collection, in contrast, is a dark and moody palette. These colorways offer those of you who prefer a more subtle palette the opportunity to bring a little splash of fun and unpredictable into your work! These colorways are dyed using a very different (and labor intensive) process that makes each skein an individual work of art, with splashes and splotches of color, mixing and separating with minimal pooling and striping.  
  • NEW for Drunk Yarn: A new website,, with clear directions and photographs to guide you through dyeing your own yarn! This includes instructions for our NEW Drunk Yarn Gradient kits. These kits contain Three 50g miniskeins, for a total of 150g to dye to make a lovely gradient! These gradient kits are available in BOTH fingering and worsted weights.
  • New Mini-skein Collections: In addition to our Gradient Gray Collections (offered across all three collections -Ornithology, Entomology and Botany- in both Fingering and Worsted mini-skeins) we have:

    -18 new Ornithology Mini-skein Collections featuring each of our Ornithology colorways, and two coordinating semisolids. 

    -9 new ‘Birds of a Feather’ collections, featuring two colorways and two coordinating semisolids. 
  • New Kits! The very popular ‘One Way or Another’ shawl, featured at the TNNA fashion show, and designed by the very talented Jennifer Kirchenbauer of LavishCraft, is now available at your favorite LYS as a kit, along with her lovely worsted weight ‘Squelch’ cowl, and the elegant ‘Lava’ Wrap! Feeling thrifty? Purchase the patterns here, and then purchase the yarn through our Seconds Store! Just specify that the yarn is for one of these three patterns, and we’ll put together the perfect combination!
  • New Clubs! Club allows your Local Yarn Shop the opportunity to carry an exclusive, brand new colorway and coordinating semisolid in all three of our collections (Ornithology, Entomology and Botany)! In addition to those clubs, we’ve now added a new Miniskein Fade Collection! For a list of participating stores, go here


As always, shop for seconds and one-of-a-kind colorways through our online store, at Happy knitting! Or crocheting, or weaving, or tatting, or spinning, or felting, or macrameing… is that even a verb? If it isn’t it should be.