Mini-Skein Collections

Each mini-skein collection includes a subtle semisolid gradient, finished with a splash of color.  

There are two variations: The 3-skein collection and the 4-skein collection (shown below).
The 3-skein collection includes 'Light Gray' and 'Medium Gray'.
The 4-skein collection includes 'Light Gray', 'Medium Gray' & 'Dark Gray'.

Each mini-skein is 50g and approx. 200 yards, for a total of approx. 600 and 800 yards of hand-dyed Fingering Weight yarn per collection.
Recommended needle size: #2

Colorway - 3 Mini-Skein Collection and 4 Mini-Skein Collection. MSRP - $51 / $66
Semisolid - 3 Mini-Skein Collection/ 4 Mini-Skein Collection. MSRP - $51 / $66

Colorway Mini-Skein Collections

Semisolid Mini-Skein Collections