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Hand-Dyed Fiber

50/50 Blend Roving- Semisolids

22.50 30.00

Due to tremendous growth in yarn sales, Round Mountain Fibers took a break from dying fiber late last year. Since yarn sales continue to grow, we don't expect to add fiber back in for quite a while, and are liquidating our current fiber inventory at 25% off!

Here's what one customer said about our 50/50 Blend:

"Spinners, rejoice! Round Mountain Fibers has created an incredible Superwash Merino wool/mulberry silk blend roving, and I am certain you will all adore it as much as I do. Let me begin by saying that when the label says "super soft" it means it! This fiber is fantastically smooth, soft, and buttery. It may, actually, be the softest blend I've had on my wheel. Drafting is a breeze, and watching the colors evolve is a delight."

                                                                                   - Tracy

This fiber is available in the following colors:

1. Wood Duck Green

2. Kestrel Red

3. Kestrel Orange

4. One-Of-A-Kind Brown

5. Gray

6. Jay Blue

8. Heron Purple

9. Finch Blush

10. Finch Yellow

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