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Hand-Dyed Fiber

33/33/33 Blend Roving Colorways

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Due to tremendous growth in yarn sales, Round Mountain Fibers took a break from dying fiber late last year. Since yarn sales continue to grow, we don't expect to add fiber back in for quite a while, and are liquidating our current fiber inventory at 25% off!

Here's what a customer said, when reviewing the 33/33/33 Blend:

"The merino/silk/baby camel - so luxurious. I wanted to try something fancy but this, this surpassed everything I hoped for. For starters, it is soft. The color is VIBRANT, gauzy clouds with shimmers from the silk... The best surprise was how strong it was. Usually something that soft means I will have a bit more difficulty spinning but no ... and did I mention how soft it is?"

                                                                                 - Kelly

OOAK = One of a Kind

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OOAK reds and browns.JPG
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