Grammar School Fundraiser

Wildflowers Colorway


This fun, bright, wildflower colorway is a pooling speckled colorway, meaning it will knit up in pools of speckles, moving from greens to blues to purples to a light, bright orange. Knit it into socks, and you'll have stripes of speckles!!!
Available in both Fingering and Worsted weight, this colorway is an exclusive colorway designed as a fund-raiser for The Grammar School's capstone trip to Ecuador. 50% of your purchase of this yarn will go to the Grammar School's capstone trip fund. 

An eighth grade trip to Ecuador?! That's insane! It is. It's wonderful! My son is fortunate to attend the Grammar School with a huge scholarship, and we want to give back to a school that has given so much to my son. They make sure that every kid can go on this trip regardless of how much their families can contribute. The school has a lot of kids on scholarship, and this is a way to help those kids have this amazing intercultural experience. 

Also, this is a fantastic, exclusive colorway that you won't be able to purchase ever again! So get it while you can! 

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