Frequently Asked Questions

What if my local yarn shop doesn't carry Round Mountain Fibers?

Click on the "Where to Buy" link, and fill out the form with as much information as you would like to offer. I will contact the store, and recommend that they carry us. Or go to your local yarn shop and tell them about us! Unlike most wholesale fiber artists, I do not require a minimum quantity order (only a minimum dollar amount of $250) so you could be the engine behind bringing Round Mountain Fibers to your local yarn shop!

What is your expected turn-around?

Once your local yarn shop places their order, you can expect it to ship in 4-6 weeks. But if it's an emergency and you MUST have that specific colorway and fiber type RIGHT AWAY... well... you are probably overreacting :) But we're happy to try to accommodate.

Why don't you sell retail?

Running a retail business is an entirely different skill-set from dyeing yarn and fiber. Your local yarn shop will provide you not only with the right yarn for your project (or the right pattern for your yarn), they can offer you knitting advice, needles, and years of knowledge that I don't have. Also, my local yarn shops are the reason I'm in business. So please, do not contact me directly to buy yarn. Find that great local yarn shop, and get them to order it for you! And if you can, buy local! While some of my shops may carry my yarn online, I encourage you to frequent your main street shop, both for the tactile and social experience, and for the health of your local community. 

Where does your fiber come from?

My fiber comes from a distributor in the UK. Merino sheep have wrinkles in their skin (much like a Sharpei), so they are raised in arid places where they are less prone to illness. Most of the merino in the world is raised in South Africa. The wool is certified as being from non-mulesed sheep. Our yarns are spun in a small family-run mill in the northeastern United States. 

Will your yarn bleed?

While it is my job to make sure the yarn is colorfast, there are very few constants in the hand-dyeing process. If you intend to combine two vastly different colors in one garment, I would encourage you to give the yarn a rinse first. Then, please HAND WASH your garments in COLD WATER. It will extend the life of the garment, as well as ensuring that you don't lose color.