THe ENtomology Collection


Inspired By Insects.

100% Superwash Merino.
Grown and spun in the USA. Hand dyed in Vermont.
Fingering - 50g and 100g skeins. 200 and 400 yards, respectively. Recommended needle size: #2
Worsted - 50g and 100g skeins. 85 and 175 yards, respectively. Recommended needle size: #6-#8

Colorways and semisolids:

Praying Mantis, Mantis green, And Mantis Yellow

This colorway is inspired by the Praying Mantis. A common insect living all over the world in temperate and tropical climates. There are over 2,400 different species of Praying Mantises.

Luna Moth and Luna BLue

This colorway is inspired by the Luna Moth. One of the largest moths in North America. They can be found living East of the Great Plains in the US to Northern Mexico, but have also recently been discovered in India.

Cecropia CATERPILLAR, caterpillar Blue, And Caterpillar ORange

This colorway is inspired by the Cecropia Caterpillar, the caterpillar form of the Cecropia Moth, the largest Native North American moth. It lives across the Eastern United States and can be found as far west as the Rocky Mountains and into Canada. 

HUbbard's Caterpillar and Caterpillar Purple

This colorway is inspired by the Hubbard's Silk Moth Caterpillar. A Caterpillar that can be found living in the Southern United States and Mexico.

Burnet moth and Burnet pink

This colorway is inspired by the Six Spot Burnet Moth. A common moth species living throughout Europe and belonging to the Zygaenidae family.

Leaf hopper and leaf hopper blue

This colorway is inspired by a mexican Leafhopper. The name Leafhopper is commonly given to any insect species belonging to the Cicadellidae family.  

Candy-striped Leaf Hopper

The Candy-Striped Leafhopper is named so not only for its bright stripes of color, but because this tiny bug emits a sweet liquid from its abdomen. 

Rosy Maple Moth and Maple Moth Pink

The Rosy Maple Moth is a small North American moth belonging to the family of moths called 'The Great Silk Moths'. They get their name because they usually live and breed on various species of Maple trees. 

Monarch chrysalis and chrysalis green

It takes Monarchs about one month to go from an egg to a flying adult! Adult monarchs will usually live two to six weeks in the summer time after emerging from their chrysalises. However Monarchs that migrate will live all winter, or about six to nine months!

Horned Caterpillar

The Hickory Horned Caterpillar can grow as big as a hot dog but is completely harmless. They hatch from eggs in just one week, and turn into the beautiful Regal Moth. 

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