Yarn Colorways

Our hand-dyed yarn comes in a variety of colorways and semisolids. Our colorways are inspired by bird plumage, and our semisolids are based on and coordinate with our colorways. Each skein of yarn is hand-dyed in small batches in my studio. Purchase several skeins at a time and alternate skeins when knitting for more consistent results. 

We add New Colorways and Semisolids every month! So check back often, subscribe to our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook!

All yarn bases are 100% Superwash Merino, spun in the USA.
Fingering - Available in 50g and 100g skeins. 200 and 400 yards, respecitvely. #2 Needles. MSRP - $17 / $30
Worsted - 100g skeins. 175 yards. #8 Needles. MSRP - $30
Bulky - 100g skeins. 120 yards. #9 to #11 Needles. MSRP - $30

Atlantic Puffin

Black Rosy Finch

Blue Jay  

California Quail

Dark Eyed Junco


Green Heron

Green Jay

Indigo Bunting


Purple Finch

Snowy Owl

Wood Duck