Blended Batts: Hand-Dyed Fiber in Luxury Blends

Our luxury batts come in two blends of hand-dyed fiber:

- 50/50 Superwash Merino / Mulberry Silk, 75g - MSRP: $34
- 33/33/33 Superfine Merino / Mulberry Silk / Baby Camel, 75g - MSRP $38

Both blends are luxuriously soft and silky, and come in 5 different color families. Please note that the 50/50 blend is not suitable for felting, as superwash does not felt! The 50/50 blend is oh-so-easy to spin. The 33/33/33 blend is far softer due to the high Baby Camel content, and therefore a bit harder to spin consistently. As with our roving, please note that the 33/33/33 blend tends to be lighter in color than the 50/50 blend.

No two batts are the same! The following are random examples from each color selection.