About Us

Round Mountain Fibers is a boutique wholesale fiber-arts studio based in Brattleboro, Vermont, offering an exclusive and unique line of hand-dyed yarn inspired by nature. We have three collections: Ornithology (inspired by birds), Botany (inspired by plants), and Entomology (inspired by insects). We are also the home of 'Drunk Yarn!' a collection of home yarn dyeing kits inspired by classic beverages. 

Our base is 100% Superwash Merino sourced and spun in the USA. Each skein is lovingly hand dyed: no two skeins are identical. Our Ornithology and Entomology collection colorways naturally pool and stripe. Our Botany collection colorways are dyed in a multi-step process that produces a variegated effect, with occasional splotches of color. Each skein has its own unique pattern of darks and lights. 

Meet The Round Mountain Fibers Team



Owner / Dyer

Loves: Bunny, snuggling with her sweetie, and fantasizing about running away to an island.
Hates: Obligation, gravy.
Is passionate about: Tiny houses, sinks, old dishes and silverware, and tanning roadkill.
Quirks: Has developed an alternate personality called “Weasels” which she takes VERY seriously.


Dyer / Right Hand Woman

Loves: Makeup, fashion, lifting weights, dancing, cooking, Christopher (her BF), and Daisy.
Hates: Large spiders, dill, poor grammar, and car problems.
Is passionate about: ALL THE MAKEUP!!! Seriously. Collecting it, wearing it, organizing it…
Quirks: Meows to herself and talks in funny voices. Dyes wool even though she’s vegan.



Summer Intern / Model

Loves: Reading, baking, bright colors, watching documentaries about archaeology and history.
Hates: Being told what to do, and being wrong.
Is passionate about: History, science.
Quirks: An unusual fondness for 1950s cowboy music.



Owner: Monica
Loves: Lying in bed with her Mama and/or Papa.
Hates: Crappy and Bianca.
Is passionate about: SQUIRRELS!
Quirks: A little co-dependent…. OK… a LOT co-depedent.




Little One (aka Crappy)

Owner: Monica
Loves: Napping, eating and wandering blindly around the neighborhood.
Hates: Having her ears cleaned.
Is passionate about: Expressing herself (aka barking!)
Quirks: Blind, deaf, missing one toe, and has a large foreign object in her belly!




Owner: Willow
Loves: Plastic bottles, socks, eating everything and anything, going for walks, licking her momma’s face.
Hates: Cardboard boxes and telephone repairmen.
Is passionate about: Burying her favorite things in the yard.
Quirks: Sits on her hind legs like a sun bear (look them up. They’re super cute).


Owner: Erin, our Neighbor
Loves: FOOD and sitting on the couch.
Hates: NOT sitting on the couch.
Is passionate about: Her momma and wagging her tail.
Quirks: Loudest bark EVER!